Venue Hire

Hiring the Centre

We welcome applications from course leaders looking to run non residential courses at Waterfall Retreat that are in harmony with the goals of the centre, namely to promote the practices of mindful awareness, peace and well being.


We particularly welcome enquiries from different faith groups and complementary health organisations to use the unique space for their activities.

This will enable Waterfall Retreat to fulfill its commitment to host interfaith gatherings where people of all cultures and religions can meet in the spirit of peace and mutual respect.

Process for Hiring the Centre:

Please contact the office

You will receive an enquiry form

Once your enquiry form has been completed you will receive a quote

(Please note we hire the venue for half and full days only)

General Rules for Hiring Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre

To protect all forms of life and refrain from killing

No alcohol permitted on the property
No waste left in the environment, the property is to be left the way it was found
You are welcome to bring your own foods but it must please be vegetarian
No loud music or noise that may be disruptive to our neighbours and wildlife
No smoking

No psychoactive substances

Akong Rinpoche's Garden at Sunset
Akong Rinpoche's Garden at Sunset

Lounge & Dining Areas of theTea House
Lounge & Dining Areas of theTea House

First of 3 Falls
First of 3 Falls

A silent walk through the valley leads to 3 waterfalls

Akong Rinpoche's Garden at Sunset
Akong Rinpoche's Garden at Sunset