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The Waterfall Retreat has a charming history. The story starts with a neglected property on a steep slope that very few people knew about because access was so difficult. After years of environmental work, the alien plant life has died back to reveal the resurgence of precious indigenous plant, animal and insect life.

Our history page is currently under construction, watch this space.

Waterfall Retreat Song Written by Ken Holmes, November 2016

Water falls

No trouble at all

In the valley secretly

Heading for the sea

Where four streams flow

So many good things grow

Friends learning to be kind

Caring for their minds


Through forests green

A python slips unseen

Flat-topped native trees

Make music in the breeze

In the temple’s transparency

We learn to be free

Eagles circle high

Above this place sublime


Haunting, tinkling bells

Dance with wildflower smells

A bamboo ladder leads

To a glade of mysteries

Here is where being still

Embraces nature’s thrills

One can simply be

In great simplicity


The Indian ocean brings

The weather as we sing

Ancient wisdoms thrive

Blown in by Indian skies

Beyond all time and space

Eternal truths await

As water falls

No trouble at all


 Ken Holmes

Waterfall Retreat SongKen Holmes
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